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Set up your Custom Domain: General Instructions

This guide is for those who have already purchased a web address (or domain). If you have not yet purchased a web address, you can buy your domain through Page Penguin under Settings --> Custom Domain or you can buy one from another service like Network Solutions,, GoDaddy etc. Just be sure you can get Full DNS Services

Usually the best way to set up your domain is to contact the site where you purchased your domain and ask them to change these settings for you. Give them these general steps for mapping your domain:
1. CNAME: use / enter alias of www. Point it to
2. A Record: use / enter "@" or Point it to

Return to the Page Penguin Website Editor. Click the Settings tab, and then click Custom Domain. Enter your URL in the text field provided. Click the Switch to use your domain button. Click the Save button. That's it!

Your website may take up to 48 hours to resolve correctly. This is because servers all over the world are adjusting to the new destination point so please be patient. 

As with anything, please give us a call if you have any questions / concerns 646-374-4319. Mon-Fri 10-6pm EST.

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